Training Tips For Your Dog

The Rottweiler originated in Germany and is one of the larger breeds of dog. They are loyal, intelligent and strong. During the two World Wars they served as guard dogs. The Rottweiler still makes an excellent guard dog. They also make great family pets that will provide the family with protection and loyalty.

However, in order for you to benefit from this breed’s positive characteristics, you must be sure your Rottweiler is trained properly at an early age. Here are 4 helpful Rottweiler training tips you can use as a solid foundation to make sure your dog is properly trained.

1. Establish That You Are The Leader
When it comes to training your Rottweiler, this is by the far the most critical step. It will set the tone for all future interactions between you and your dog. Rottweilers need consistent and firm leadership. Therefore, you need to be the authority figure.

This is a critical aspect of your training. If you do not exert your will, these dogs won’t obey you since they tend to have domineering characters. You need to establish yourself as your dog’s leader from the very beginning to get your Rottweiler properly trained. Your Rottweiler may try to test you from time to time, so you will need to re-establish your role as leader on a continuous basis.

2. Start Your Training Your Pup Early
Start training your Rottweiler as soon as you can, before the dog has a chance to develop bad habits. Puppies can start to be trained anywhere from two to six months old.

Rottweilers are very intelligent dogs, so they tend to learn very quickly. They are, however, also stubborn and strong willed. Trying to undo a behavior that the dog has learned already can be quite difficult. Keep this in mind and don’t let your cute puppy get away with any behaviors you wouldn’t allow an adult dog to do.

3. Socialize Your Rottweiler Dog
Rottweilers can be very intimidating. This characteristic serves them well as guard dogs. They also do not tend to be friendly towards strangers. If Rottweilers are not exposed to different people when they are young, they could tend to get very aggressive when they grow into adults. Exposing your Rottweiler to different pets is also very important.

4. Be Persistent And Consistent
When you are training your Rottweiler, is is essential to be persistent and consistent. Although your Rottweiler is most likely quite intelligent, the dog can’t learn everything in just a couple of sessions.

In terms of consistency, it is important to use the same words every time for a certain command. If you use different words at various times for a command, it could confuse your dog.

Your Rottweiler also needs to have rules consistently enforced. For example, if you dog isn’t supposed to get on your bed, you need to enforce the rule. If you don’t, the Rottweiler might start ignoring your commands and rules.

In terms of persistence, it is important to train your Rottweiler repeatedly until the dog learns what you are trying to teach him. You need to persist with teaching the dog every command until your Rottweiler completely learns it. If your dog hasn’t mastered certain commands, don’t move on to new commands until he has learned the current ones.

Training sessions for your Rottweiler should only last about 15 minutes. Longer sessions might result in your dog getting distracted.

Rottweilers make wonderful family pets, due to their protective instincts and strength. However, proper training is absolutely essential in order for your dog to become a fully socialized member of the family. Just follow the tips in this article, and you will be well on your way to getting your Rottweiler properly trained.